Looking at 3 Important Kinds of Roof Damage!

A sound, sturdy roof is the key component that keeps a house or building standing to protect the people and property beneath them.

Want to keep your roof in great shape so it lasts as long as it should?

First, be sure to have a roof damage inspection done by an experienced contractor at least once every one to two years to stay informed on its condition and then learn about these three important kinds of roofing damage that require attention.

If you see any of these problems developing on your roof, arrange for roof damage repair right away, before the damage worsens!

  1. Water Damage - Leaks can be sneaky and show up almost anywhere; however, what you must understand is that even the smallest leak can mean there is serious damage that needs to be repaired. Whether the leak starts after a particularly bad storm or is a result of ongoing shingle damage or rot somewhere under the shingles, arrange for roof damage clean up as soon as possible. Every leak is a bad leak, no matter the size.

  2. Wind Damage - Frequently found after hurricanes and bigger storms, wind damage can present in many different ways. Whether you notice broken, bent, or even missing shingles or panels, roofing material that has lifted and lost its seal, or new leaks on the underside of the roof, all of these types of wind damage need immediate clean up and repair. Many times, wind damage is not noticed until later on when the leaking starts. Scheduling a roof damage inspection after a hurricane is a good idea for this reason.

  3. Flashing Problems - Whether due to wind, heavy rains, or even hail hitting the roof, bent or damaged flashing is another main type of damage to look out for as it can result in extensive additional damage after the fact. Missing or bent flashing that no longer seals the valleys and protrusions it is designed to protect invites water in through exposed roofing edges and underneath. By the time a leak is noticed in these cases, the decking and other support structures may already be rotting away.

Recognize Roof Damage – and Get It Repaired Fast!

Your roof is the most valuable part of your home or building.

As it ages over time, keep it in its best condition by recognizing the signs that roof damage repair is necessary.

With regular roof damage inspections by an experienced contractor, get a long service life from yours so you won’t be replacing it prematurely.