When In Need of Roofing Services – Avoid These Common Mistakes!

Every homeowner needs a roof company every once in a while, whether it is to make some repairs or do a brand new installation.

Regardless of why roofing services are required, going about it the wrong way can lead to costly mistakes and work that must be re-done sooner than necessary.

When seeking roofing contractors to handle those services, here are a few tips for homeowners to ensure they get the best company to handle the job!

  1. Not Putting In the Research - Before hiring any roofing service, do the research required to find the best one. Look for reviews from previous customers, check the BBB for complaints, make sure they are licensed as well as insured, and that a roof company has the certifications and qualifications to install the products they offer.
  2. Not Getting A Detailed Work Estimate - Ask for a work estimate before agreeing to any roofing services. Require that all fees and tasks involved are documented as well as individually priced and that there is a clear understanding of what is included in these fees, including clean-up and disposal of waste materials.
  3. Not Choosing the Right Roofing Products - Discuss with roofing contractors the best products to install on a roof with regard to local climate and specific weather-related concerns. Whether that means wind-resistant shingles that are hurricane-proof, eco-friendly materials with high R-values for high heat regions, or hail-resistant materials, talk about these details with a roof company beforehand as this will make choosing the right materials easier.
  4. Not Getting A Work Contract - After deciding on a roof company and the best materials to use, homeowners should insist on a thoroughly drafted contract before allowing any roofing services to commence. The contract should include all the details that were in the estimate, the agreed-upon fees, and all warranty details.
  5. Not Understanding The Warranties - There are as many as four types of warranties that can apply to roofing services of different types. Homeowners should go over all warranties with roofing contractors to make sure the differences in the warranties and any related conditions are fully understood before signing on the dotted line and agreeing to the work.

The first mistake to avoid when in need of roofing services is to try to DIY.

Beyond this obvious concern, any homeowner can be sure to hire the best roof company for the job by steering clear of these 5 critical mistakes.

With good research and a thorough discussion of the details like appropriate materials, warranties, and a spelled-out work estimate, homeowners can have peace of mind that they have found the best roofing contractor to handle their job!