When To Use Barb Wire Fences

Barbed fencing or (barb wire fencing) is a significant obstacle to intruders and thieves. However, we shouldn't all rush to wrap it around our homes and businesses quite yet. When used correctly, barbed fences are a very effective safety precaution, but there are only certain places that need this kind of provision.

There have been cases of councils asking individuals to remove barbed fencing should they be deemed unsuitable or unsafe, and so to ensure that you don't find yourself overdoing things, it is important to know when is good to use it, and when is not.

As an additional to good quality industrial fencing in more high-risk or high-security areas, barbed wire can indeed be beneficial, but it is not advisable to start putting it on top of garden fencing to deter people from taking a gnome or two. Not only will the neighbors most likely be unhappy with the new addition, but there is also a chance that visitors could potentially hurt themselves, leaving you liable to civil action. Whatever area you live in, there are plenty of other options when it comes to improving residential or gardens fencing without resorting to barbs.

Razor barbs should instead be used for much more high-security measures. Obviously, places such as prisons and military bases will need the protection that the barbed fencing can offer, while other high-security establishments might also make good use of the higher protection they offer.

For those businesses who want to keep out intruders but do not need quite the same level of protection, then strong, good quality industrial fencing may well be enough. Not only will its absence make the area much more eye-catching - and less likely for the company to get embroiled in any crazy injury related law suits - but with the correct fencing you will almost certainly get the safety you need regardless. Fencing Company