Why Is a Wood Fence a Great Choice?

Wood fences can be the perfect choice when installing a fence on a personal property.

Though there are plenty of other options to choose from, a wood fence installation brings certain qualities that no other type of fence does.

Before choosing some other material, consider the many reasons why a fence installed by experienced wood fence services is the perfect decision for most homeowners and even many small farm owners.

  • Many Styles Available - From tall privacy fences to short pickets and all the boards, rails, and panels in between, wood fences can be found in nearly unlimited styles and heights for almost any look. For those who want something unique just to them, some fencers will even build custom wood designs, too!
  • Durable With Proper Installation And Care - Wood offers decades of strength and durability when installed by professional wood fence services and then maintained with adequate weatherproofing and regular cleaning.
  • Safe for Kids, Pets, and Livestock - A wood fence installation is strong enough to contain kids, pets, and some livestock without causing injury while also being breakable in case of trouble. They are also quickly repaired, as replacement boards and posts are usually very easy to access.
  • Insect and Weather Resistant Species - Though treated pine is the most commonly used species for attractive yet affordable fencing, pine can decompose faster than some other species. Cedar, redwood, birch, teak, and a few other species are both rot and insect resistant and while they will cost considerably more than pine, the wood fence will look beautiful and last much longer.
  • Classic Beauty Like No Other - When it comes to visual appeal, nothing quite compares to a rustic wood fence, no matter what the style. Even stained and painted fences hold a distinct charm that has been imitated by PVC fencing and similar, but can never quite be duplicated. Traditional wood fences around front or backyards, enclosing horse pastures, and designating boundaries lend warmth and a sense of classic style to any property.

Whether looking for the perfect fence to enhance the look of a property or in need of a durable, yet readily available boundary option, wood fences excel in all cases. As long as they are installed by experienced wood fence services that understand the importance of properly setting the posts and can provide good maintenance tips, homeowners can rest assured that their wood fence installations will look great and last a long time.